Making Awesome Dashboards from Windows Performance Counters

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Having an understanding of your systems performance is a crucial part of running IT infrastructure.
If a user comes to us and says "why is my application running slowly?", where do we start? Is it their machine? Is it the database server? Is it the file server?
The first thing we usually do is open up perfmon.exe and take a look at some performance counters. You then see the CPU on the database server is 100% and think  "was the CPU always at 100% or did this issue just start today? Was it something I changed? If only I could see what was happening at this time yesterday when the application was running fine!". It might take you a few hours to find the performance issue on your infrastructure, and you are probably going to need to open up perfmon.exe on a couple of other systems. There is a better way!
What if you could turn your Windows performance counters into dashboards that look like this? How much time would you save?
Full Hyper-V Dashboard
Using a combination of the open source tools InfluxDB to store the performance counter data, Grafana to graph the data and the Telegraf agent to collect Windows performance counters, you will be a master of your metrics in no time!
Read the detailed walk through over at

4 Responses to " Making Awesome Dashboards from Windows Performance Counters "

  1. Alex Innes says:

    Fantastic read. Something I will setup on my test lab. Thank you!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Alex!

  3. Brent Balzer says:

    Excellent stuff, thanks!

  4. David Hooper says:

    This one easily makes the to do list. Good stuff!