5 Tips for Writing DSC Resources in PowerShell 5

PowerShell 5 brought class based DSC Resources, which majorly simplifies the process of writing custom DSC resources.
During my time working on some custom resources, I developed some tips a long the way which should save you some time and pain during your DSC journey.
The tips cover:

  • Structuring your class based DSC Resources
  • Making it easier to get IntelliSense based on your DSC resources without constantly copying them into the module path
  • Using PowerShell ISE IntelliSense when writing DSC configuration
  • Troubleshooting resources which aren't being exposed correctly from your DSC Module
  • Testing classed based resources with Pester

Head over to https://hodgkins.io/five-tips-for-writing-dsc-resources-in-powershell-version-5 to take a look at the tips.

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    Intresting & intend to follow through. First introduced to the computer age through Dos, Dbase & lotus.