Here's What You've Missed at (and what's coming)


We've been making a ton of improvements at if you haven't visited in a while, it might be worth a stop by.
First, if you're hitting any of the links below and getting a 404, the most common culprit seems to be an over-zealous corporate proxy cache. Try clearing it, or doing a Shift+Reload in your browser. Confirm by visiting from a non-proxied network, like at home.
Our eBooks page has a bunch of new content, and our books are now available in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB from two providers (LeanPub and GitBook). You can also read books online in HTML.
Site members now have an extensive profile that you can complete, and doing so is one step on our short Welcome Aboard! mission that will earn you a new "Welcome!" badge on the site. It's one of many new achievements you can earn for participating in the community in a variety of ways.
And have you seen our new videos? In addition to tons of YouTube videos that include workshops, tutorials, and Summit recordings, we also have started new short-subject, structured learning series - entire courses that even award a certificate of completion when you're done!
But there's much more we can do to help you connect with community, so we're taking a quick survey. Here's some of what we can enable:

  • Friend Connections. Kinda like Facebook, enabling you to track on-site activity of the people you "follow."
  • Private Messages. Just what it says - everyone would have a mailbox inside
  • Activity Streams. Similar to a Twitter or Facebook feed, a way of seeing site activity (with its own RSS). Threaded comments, @mentions, and email notifications, too.
  • User Groups. The ability to create in-site groups with their own discussion forum, activity stream, and shared content.
  • REST API. A way of communicating with WordPress via REST calls, to retrieve or check content.

Visit the survey to let us know which ones you'd want, or don't care about.
And drop a comment below if there's something else you'd like to see or share!

2 Responses to " Here's What You've Missed at (and what's coming) "

  1. David Lamb says:

    The new site looks great!

  2. Ton of improvements indeed, site is looking great!
    Any updates available regarding The Scripting Games?