Request for Topics

Putting on an event like the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit involves a lot of planning. We started the planning process for the 2017 Summit BEFORE the 2016 Summit started!
We have to work so far in advance that we’re taking guesses at the topics that will be of high interest next April – remember that we fix the agenda 6 months before the actual Summit.
Part of the process of creating the agenda is that we publish a ‘Call for Proposals’ where we ask potential speakers to submit session proposals. We then use those proposals as the basis of the agenda. Session proposals can be taken as they are or we may suggest changes to the speaker to ensure a more cohesive agenda.
Our aim in all of this is to provide relevant, high-level sessions that will keep the Summit as a ‘must attend’ event for the PowerShell community.
This year we’re asking for your help.
We’d like you to suggest topic areas that you’d like to see at the Summit. This is NOT a call for specific session proposals (that will come in August) or a request for particular speakers to talk about a topic but a request for topics. For instance:

  • We had some feedback from attendees at the 2016 Summit that a deep session on remoting would be of interest.
  • The last few Summits we’ve had a lot of material on DSC – is it too much or do you want more in specific areas?
  • Security is a highly important topic – do you want more? Is there a particular security aspect that should be covered?
  • PowerShell is a very broad topic – are there areas such as Workflows, Jobs, Events, Remoting, CIM, Package Management where you’d like more?
  • DevOps is another broad area -do you want sessions on dealing with specific technologies such as Chef, Puppet, Octopus, Source Control and anything else that enables your DevOps processes?

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive – just a number of suggestions to start you thinking about the subject areas you’d like to see at the Summit.
We’ll summarise the topic areas that are requested in the information supplied to potential speakers in the Call for Proposals document.
Please use the comment facility to reply. If you need to supply further information you can use the standard Summit email address of Summit at PowerShell dot org.
The PowerShell Summit has become a premier event in the calendar of the PowerShell community. This is your opportunity to help shape next year’s Summit into the event you want to see.
Thank you.

13 Responses to " Request for Topics "

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  2. Jason Morgan says:

    I think the big draw for me is topics around common DevOps tools/practices. PowerShell is awesome, obviously, but for me the summit is most valuable when we begin talking about using PowerShell to enable WinOps.

  3. Stefan Werner says:

    I think a session on Source Control would be great. A lot of us don’t have a background as developers and might not have as deep a understanding of the subject.

  4. Arie H says:

    – How to work with Source Control (both SCM and DSCM) – pros and cons
    – Pester
    – OVF
    – Pester
    – Metrics and Measurements as the feedback loop for DevOps
    – Pester
    – Test first / Code later – Real Examples
    – Pester
    – PowerShell the Next Generation a.k.a do we need a new powershell ? (might have something for this one in a few weeks)
    – Pester
    – DevOps / NoOps / NoDevs ?
    – Time for something completely different: Pester
    – PowerShell Jea – Ops and Security at its finest hour
    Sorry about the Pester spam, but Jeffery tweeted sometime ago after, I think, Mike R posted a blog on why isn’t the community adopting unit testing more vigorously to which my reply was : more real life examples not for “esoteric” DSC resources.
    I’ve been working with Devs for over 15 years, they are having huge issues understanding Unit Tests and TDD \ BDD and they have loads of frameworks and languages, we just have Pester but not enough examples from real life live person.
    Starting this year I would like to see ALL presenters repo be loaded with tests, and explained.
    A repo that is handed to you for inspection that doesn’t pass unit test, and I mean real tests, doesn’t get accepted ?
    We want WinOps professional to learn, you start with the teachers, if they dont use it for silly reasons,
    why would their student use it ?
    Put your money where you mouth is, kinda.

  5. t mack says:

    Using Exchange WebServices with PowerShell. I’m surprised at how little information is available.

  6. Steve says:

    I would like to see some sessions on System Center, particularly SCSM SMLets.

  7. Aaron Nelson says:

    Now seems like a really great time to start including more PowerShell+SQL Server content 🙂

    • Gael Colas says:

      Yeah! +1
      And everything we can do with it: MSSQL via DSC, Logging and consuming SQL, graphing with different tools i.e. PowerBI, SSRS…

  8. A topic which is underrepresented, totally NEW, Powershell related and interesting is:
    “Software Inventory Logging”
    The setup is challenging, but the results are cool. ==> Software inventory with native Windows Server tools 🙂
    I did a presentation on this in November 2015 already on a Usergroup Meeting in Vienna, so after the launch of Server 2016 there should be a stable and feature-rich version.

  9. Gael Colas says:

    I’d like even more DSC, but as Jason M. said, how is it used to enable WinOps.
    Some topic and example I’d like to see.
    – TRPM – Real life implementations (can be overview end to end, or focusing on single tools and their config)
    – PowerShell in Enterprise – (PS Service architecture, what services/Value people provides to their company via PS, How?)
    – DSC – (Managing Configuration Data, Monitoring and Reporting, Securing DSC, AutoScaling and Event based intelligence…)
    – Security – JEA from a red teamer pov, Checklist and resources to develop secured Infra [with DSC?] (credentials, remote access, PKI, AD, ATA, principles)
    – DevOps and PowerShell – Why we need PowerShell dev? What do they look like? Do we need team of PowerShell-ers?
    – ‘Educate’ the Ops – Agile PowerShell Development, Agile Infrastructure Development, Culture of WinOps Unicorns
    – Cross-[Platform|technology] with PowerShell (and DSC) – When and how use cross-platform or cross techno (MQ, PS with Python, C#, Ruby, Linux… Using ELK/graphana/other cool linux stuff… with PS)
    Feel free to ping for clarification!

  10. Trevor Freedland says:

    I’d love to see a Pester deep dive that incorporates unit testing strategies and best practices.