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The Current State

So! If you visit the events page, you'll find a bevy of PowerShell-focused events, from local PowerShell user groups to global PowerShell conferences.
What you won't find, yet, is a list of PowerShell related sessions at the many other conferences and user groups you might consider attending.
Maybe you'd like to find PowerShell oriented sessions at non-PowerShell user groups and mini conferences like SQL Saturdays, VMUGs, Azure User Groups, Security BSides, DevOpsDays, etc.  These are great small events that can build your knowledge, help you meet local folks in a particular field, and often provide provide you with some free food.
Beyond these, there are plenty of summits and conferences that have a strong PowerShell track, or even just a handful of awesome PowerShell sessions, that might be worth knowing about. LISA, DerbyCon, MMS, WinOps, TechMentor, and many more.
How do you find these events?  There isn't a solid option today, but hopefully we can change that.  Before we go further though, why is this even helpful?


This might be silly, but I tend to gravitate towards PowerShell oriented sessions at non-PowerShell-focused events.  If someone is using PowerShell to work with a particular technology, chances are they will be good folks to learn from.
On top of this, your local user group leaders would have details on folks they could potentially ping and enlist for an in-person session, or even just an informal geek dinner.
Finally, it might help you find events worth attending.  If you want a comprehensive list of tech conferences and events, there isn't really a solid directory, let alone one what will help you find PowerShell oriented sessions.

What Can I Do?

If you think this would be worthwhile, you can help make it happen!
Are you giving a PowerShell oriented session?  Is it on's event page? Go ahead and add it! Try to keep in line with their policy of including nonprofit, not-for-profit, or otherwise noncommercial events, but thankfully most tech events fit the bill.
Here's a quick example:

  • Event Name: Event Name: Session title
  • When: Specific start and stop time for the one session
  • Where: Address for the event
  • Details: Abstract for the session, ideally mentioning who will be presenting

Once you've filled it out, it might look like this.
If you know of a session that isn't listed, feel free to pester the presenter and to point them at this post - the earlier they get it on the calendar, the better!  If you have the session details and can't get in touch with the presenter, feel free to add the session yourself.

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