PowerScripting Live tonight with Jeffrey Snover about PowerShell Open Source!

PowerShell goes OSS & Cross-Platform!No more teasing, we can now announce that tonight's guest on the PowerScripting Podcast is none other than the inventor of Windows PowerShell: Jeffrey Snover! The topic: PowerShell has been open sourced and is available NOW on Linux and Mac OSX!

Want to jump in right away? Here's the code: github.com/powershell/powershell!

Join us live at 9:30 PM EDT / 6:30 PM PDT, streaming live on the PowerScripting YouTube channel with live chat in the #live-podcast room in the Slack PowerShell team (join here)!

Last but not least, if you are like us and want an invite on your calendar, click here or here. 🙂

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