Changing of the Guard at


It's a bit of a sad day at The DevOps Collective, which is the nonprofit that runs One of our Board of Directors members, Dave Wyatt, will be stepping down from his Director position this week. He wants to focus on his personal life a bit more, although he's still going to be responsible for our public Build Service, and he's going to continue contributing to the Pester project, so the community isn't losing him entirely. Dave's been a huge help, and a huge inspiration, at, and he'll be greatly missed.
But our sadness is balanced by some happy news, too, as Webmaster Will Anderson has agreed to fill Dave's seat. Will has brought a great enthusiasm to our team of volunteers, is also a PowerShell MVP, and also resides in Canada. Will's responsible for most of the photography you'll see in the upcoming PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017 brochure, and he's been a great help in keeping's website up and running.
So please join me in wishing our outgoing Director all the best, and in welcoming Will to the Board!

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