Nearing Last Call for PowerShell Summit Topic Proposals (+ Topic Ideas!)

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Remember that our Call for Topics is still open until the end of September, if you'd like to submit. And, from our Summit Alumni Slack channel, here are a few things people said they'd like to see...

  • I would love to see a session on what it takes to build a PKI infrastructure in support of PowerShell operations ( stuff liked passing creds with DSC ) - this is something glossed over all the time as if it is not a big deal but I think it can be quite challenging for a lot of people to implement.
  • Writing for Performance: Tips and Tricks to Write Faster Code
  • Compiled cmdlets - how to create them and why you might want to (this got a lot of thumbs-up)
  • Open source PowerShell hackathon.  Either one multi-hour (2, 3, 4?) window where people can break into groups and work on some open source PowerShell extension, or two sessions, one at the beginning of the event and one at the end.  The one at the beginning the presenters/organizers provide a set of possible project ideas to work on, and people interested can sign up/vote for projects which creates groups.  The one at the end gives groups an opportunity to share/demo what they produced.  Having a room where people can gather to work on it would be cool.  These don't have to be big projects.  They could be small things, like knocking off one or more issues for an open source project.  The end goal is to have a pull request submitted or a new project posted in GitHub or a new module submitted in the Gallery. Now, to be clear, this isn't a session - but you can definitely propose it. We have some longer time slots on Wednesday for panels, and this might be something you could do then. 
  • examples of real world DSC usage - that was a comment I heard from a number of folks this year
  • Practical Pipelines. ( Illustrate that release pipelines aren't just for DevOps-practicing shops, or public-facing software )
  • Build plans (and tools, like psake)
  • Module design best practices (lots of thumbs-up on this one)
  • Working with Open Source Projects (as a Contributor)
  • Working with Open Source Projects (as a Maintainer)
  • Applying Agile Software Development Methodologies to PowerShell
  • Using <Audit Framework Name Here> for <Security, Audit, Compliance, etc.>. (assumption: someone writes the equivalent of inspec wrapped around Pester)

And if you read the above carefully, you'll notice that we do also have some space for afternoon panels on Wednesday - so if there's a group discussion you'd like to lead, propose it! Just be clear in the description you submit that you're proposing a panel. It'll be up to you to recruit panel members, which you can do on-site. We'll announce panels in need of panelists and direct them to you.

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