PowerShell Gotchas

You can certainly find a number of articles around that present PowerShell pitfalls that can easily trip you up if you are not careful. I took a different approach in my three-part series, A Plethora of PowerShell Pitfalls.
The first two parts are presented in quiz format, together covering the top 10 "gotchas". They will help you test your awareness to see if you even realized the danger and did not know you've been skirting those traps for awhile. After you've had an opportunity to consider the conundrums presented, I then go into detailed explanations for why they happen and how to fix them.
The third and final part is a compendium of all the common "gotchas" that I put together after reviewing all the other lists out there. The more than 35 entries in the list cover, I believe, a good 98% of the issues you would likely encounter. Yes, there are more esoteric pitfalls as well, but I ran out of web page... 🙂
Part 1: Pesky Parameter Problems
Part 2: A Portion of Potential Puzzles
Part 3: The Compendium

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