Up Next: Don Jones & Adam Bertram on The Pester Book!


Welcome to 2017, everyone! To bring in the new year, we are having Don Jones back on the show, and he’ll be joined by fellow PowerShell MVP and author Adam Bertram! Don and Adam are collaborating on a new Pester book, so we wanted to have them on to discuss Pester (the PowerShell test-driven-development framework mentioned in ep262 and ep315), the book project, and anything else they have going on.

Please join us tomorrow, Jan 4th @ 9:30 PM EST at our usual place: live.powerscripting.net, or if you follow us on youtube, you’ll see our live stream there as well. Also, as always, we’ll be hanging out in the #live-podcast room on the PowerShell Slack team, so join us there to interact with us and your fellow listeners!

[event link on Facebook]

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    1. Hal Rottenberg Post author

      Sorry about that! We record at 9:30 PM EST/UTC-5. I included a link above to the event on Facebook in case you wish to be notified through their system, which is timezone aware.

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