Community Lightning Demos – Call for Proposals

PowerShell Summit

If you've been to a PowerShell Summit, chances are you've seen the awesome lightning demos put on by the PowerShell team members. It's a fun format - each team member gives a quick 5-10 minute demo of something they're working on, one after the other.
In a few weeks, the PowerShell + Devops Global Summit will kick off, with a Community Lightning Demo session scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. We're looking for community members like you to sign up and present! Demo something cool that you've written or used - a module, function, tip, trick, etc. - just keep it under 10 minutes.
If it helps, here's a longer bit on the community lightning demos, including an example demo recording.
Sound interesting? Want to jump on stage for a few minutes and show us something fun? Sign up now! Not attending the summit? We'll have recordings for presenters who want to be recorded, and ideally, demo content from everyone.
We'll be looking forward to some awesome demos; hope to see you there!

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