PowerShell Summit 2017 – Last-Minute Updates

PowerShell Summit

Some quick updates as we prepare for Summit in a couple of weeks...

  • Be sure to keep an eye on the Summit Forums, where you're welcome to ask questions and offer advice. Folks who find themselves unable to attend last-minute often post registration transfer offers there as well.
  • Watch the Summit News Feed for announcements and late-breaking news. We will also have morning announcements at 8:30am in the breakfast rooms on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - don't miss those, as we have few other ways to communicate late-breaking changes to you.
  • When you arrive on-site, grab the latest Agenda PDF for your mobile device. We've had some last-minute schedule changes that will be reflected therein, and we'll add what we know about scheduled Side Sessions and so forth. We will have printed agendas on site, but due to printing lead times, they'll have one or two out-of-date pieces of info. We are endeavoring to keep that site's electronic schedule updated, as well, so it's also a good place to check.
  • Make sure you get on the Alumni mailing list - look for information on-site.

Because folks keep asking, yes, we do record all breakout sessions, barring any technical difficulties, and post the recordings on our YouTube channel. We do not live-stream, nor do we record general sessions, side sessions, or other non-breakout content. That's why you wanna be there on-site - and http://PowerShellSummit.org has already been updated with preliminary information for our 2018 event.

2 Responses to " PowerShell Summit 2017 – Last-Minute Updates "

  1. allenmhill says:

    I wanted to find out if you needed any volunteers for the powershell summit for Bellevue in APRIL 2017.

    • Don Jones says:

      We’re all set – but thank you! We typically don’t ask attendees to volunteer much, so that they can enjoy what they paid for.