Topics for PowerShell Summit 2018

The planning for Summit 2018 has started – to be honest it started before Summit 2017 opened. We’ve reached the stage where we need to start thinking about the broad topics for PowerShell Summit 2018.

What do you want to hear about? Not the session titles, content and speakers but the broad areas of content you want us to include. We can’t actually promise to cover everything requested because we’re dependent on whats submitted when we open our call for topics towards the end of the month.

Looking at the agenda for Summit 2017 we had these very broad groups

PowerShell tool making
DSC and DSC resources
PowerShell Github repository
PowerShell v6
Testing – Pester
PowerShell Functions
PowerShell v6
PowerShell on Linux
PowerShell modules
Regular Expessions
Powershell Jobs, Workflows and runspaces
Nano server
PowerShell cmdlets – compiled and script

Are there any we should drop? Is there a topic we should include – this far out we can commission a specific expert speaker to cover a topic if required. This is your opportunity to help shape Summit 2018. Let us know what you think

6 thoughts on “Topics for PowerShell Summit 2018

  1. Barkz

    Suggested topics:
    – Debugging with VSCode, VS
    – Extend ISE with Add-ons (is this still an integration path?)
    – PowerShell modules — Building cmdlets with pipeline support. Following best practices.
    – PowerShell modules — Developing Script vs Binary and when. Deploy to PowerShell Gallery.

  2. Duffney

    I’d like to see a talk on continuous integration and PowerShell modules. Diving into build scripts and how to publish a module to the gallery.

  3. Xajuan Smith

    I Believe that we should look at the reporting side of PowerShell and it’s capabilities to run dynamic reports on a system.
    I have personally found myself looking to show reports to represent a group, department of users and their compliance of security standards and applications.

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