Iron Scripter Prequel: Puzzle 1 – a solution

A discussion and possible solution to puzzle 1 is now available atΒ Iron Scripter Prequel Puzzle 1 – A solution

Remember this isn’t presented as a definitive solution. It’s my view of the solution. Please also note that the faction specific parts are indicative and not prescriptive – they are my view of how the different factions would approach solving the puzzle.

7 thoughts on “Iron Scripter Prequel: Puzzle 1 – a solution

  1. js

    The Unannoying Faction would also comment out making $ComputerName mandatory, to make it easy to query the local computer.

        1. DanT

          That may be because WinRM is not set up on your local machine to allow remote access. You can confirm this by trying:

          Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem -ComputerName localhost

  2. Grant Hallam

    one thing i thought was interesting was the computer serial duplication (thought that was an error πŸ™‚ ), so another thought was to connect to the win32_bios class and use that serial number. thanks for the solution example, i was struggling with what the code from the different factions might look like. Mind is a bit of a mixture.

    1. Nick

      I thought the same thing, so I also queried the win32_bios class. I then wanted to try out a much slower solution, so I did Get-ComputerInfo since it contains the computer’s name, model, and serial number. This would have peeved the Flawless faction since I noticed that the call for the BIOS Serial Number has a typo (BIOSSeralNumber). Quite interesting.

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