Iron Scripter prequel

Announcements, PowerShell Summit

Registrations are going very quickly. We've sold nearly half the available places. Historically, registrations accelerate in the first half of January so don't wait too long before booking or you may be disappointed.
Another tranche of alumni discount places were made available at the beginning of January but there are only 25 of them so if you want one book your place very soon.
One new feature of Summit for 2018 is Iron Scripter - Three factions will battle it out on Thursday 12 April 2018 for the title of Iron Scripter. If you haven't chosen your faction it's time to start thinking about it:
Daybreak Faction - beautiful code
Flawless Faction - flawless code
Battle Faction - good enough to get the job done
Choose your faction based on your approach to coding.
The run up to Iron Scripter starts soon.
We'll be running a series of prequel events - think of them as the successor to the "Scripting Games" of the past. We'll publish a puzzle on every week on this schedule:
January 14 puzzle 1
January 21 puzzle 2
January 28 puzzle 3
February 4 puzzle 4
February 11 puzzle 5
February 18 puzzle 6
February 25 puzzle 7
March 4 puzzle 8
March 11 puzzle 9
March 18 puzzle 10
March 25 puzzle 11
A solution will be published the following week. The puzzle for March 25 will have a solution posted on 1 April.
Notice we say "a solution". Depending on your faction you may have a different view of how the puzzle should be solved. A forum will be available on - - for you to present and discuss possible solutions. Give your faction's view of how to solve the puzzle. Use the forums and the answers posted there to identify potential members of your faction. You can use non-attendees during the main Iron Scripter event so this is your chance to identify potential remote collaborators.
We MUST stress a couple of things:
- Your solutions WILL NOT be graded by anyone! You may get feedback from other people but there will be no official grading of answers. In previous Scripting Games we've spent literally months grading scripts and its just not logistically feasible to grade and comment on every entry.
- There is no "correct" answer. Your faction dictates what the solution should look like.
There will be another series of puzzles as a direct lead in to the Iron Scripter competition. These will be published on April 8,9,10 and 11 on We will NOT post solutions online. We will also not accept/review submissions however you may find clues or example solutions around the Summit venue. We'll publish more information on these lead in events, and Iron Scripter itself closer to the event.

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