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PowerShell Summit

A quick update - all numbers as of 23-January-2018, 12:23pm Pacific time.
91 seats remaining. We are on track to sell out in approximately 45 days. Unlike previous years where we've scrounged some spare seats at the last minute, please don't expect that this year, as I think I've gotten better at math and have not been rounding as much.
Hotel situation:

  • Marriott, we have 6 rooms left. This is our "official" hotel, with the largest number of Summiteers on site.
  • Courtyard, we have 9 rooms left. This is a quick walk to the Meydenbauer, with about half as many Summiteers as the Marriott.
  • Hotel 116, we have 34 rooms left. This also has about half as many Summiteers as the Marriott, and is our lowest price point hotel. This is still a quick walk to the Meydenbauer.

After the rooms above are exhausted, you're on to "rack rate," which, sadly, can be ridonkulous as it's a popular time of year to be in Bellevue and they've gotten used to our crowd coming in. We do ask that you choose one of the above hotels if humanly possible so that we're not stuck paying for this reserved space regardless. If we have to do so, prices for Summit will assuredly rise in 2019.
Can't make it? We're often asked about session recordings. We're not prepared to commit to anything for 2018, although we're working hard with a partner to try and make something happen. There's no need whatsoever to "+1" this; we're well aware that everyone asks for recordings (despite fairly low actual view numbers for them), and we're working on it. Last year's attempt was massively disruptful and unsuccessful, so we can't have that again.
That's it! Hit us up on Twitter @PSHSummit if you have questions!

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