PSCore 6 – Jeffrey Snover and the PowerShell Team hosting AMA on 11th Jan 9am PT

PowerShell Core 6 is scheduled for General Availability release tomorrow (10th January). As such Jeffrey Snover and the PowerShell Team are hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on the 11th January from 9am – 10am PT.

“This is going to be a historical week for PowerShell Core 6 🙂 …Join the PowerShell team and this Thursday for the PowerShell AMA”

Add it to your calendar here.

Due to the timing I expect that the team are mostly hoping for questions related to the release of PS Core, although in the spirit of an AMA anything goes :).

If you haven’t yet checked out PowerShell Core 6, you can grab the RC release today and install it side-by-side with Windows PowerShell.

I have also written a blog post that explains what PowerShell Core is, why it exists and how it compares which I hope you find informative.

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