Iron Scripter Prequels: puzzle 7

You're past half way on journey to iron Scripter. Only a few more training opportunities will be available to you before the ultimate competition.
In this week's challenge  Iron Scripter Prequel Puzzle 7 you'll be working with PowerShell classes.
In all things remember the goals of  your faction.
Please remember that we're NOT grading the submissions for these puzzles. You can comment, and discuss the puzzle on the Iron Scripter prequel forums or on the Summit Slack channel.
If anyone is really stuck or doesn't understand something in the puzzle leave a comment here or on the Slack channel. I'll try and answer but can't guarantee timeframes.
If there is sufficient interest I'll run a Q&A side session on the prequel puzzles at Summit. Let me know either here or on the Slack channel if you're interested.
Good luck

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