PowerShell Summit Pre-Arrival Information Dump

PowerShell Summit

This is a bit of a long post, but we promise - it's important, and it's worth it.
Refunds & Transfers
Because this is the time of year when it starts to come up, remember that we don't offer registration refunds. You're welcome to transfer your membership, however, at no fee. Just log into EventBrite (if someone else registered you, they'll need to do this) and change the attendee information. Voila!
For the love of all that is good and just in the world, make sure you have your EventBrite ticket. That can be printed, in the EventBrite phone app, in an email on your phone, or whatever - we just need the barcode. If you don't have this, there will be a Sad Summiteer line for you to stand in, where we can look you up by name or order number.
Speakers! You're not in EventBrite yet, but you will be. Right before Summit, we'll be registering you, so be sure to watch your email. If you haven't provided Richard with a good email address (we STRONGLY suggest a personal one to avoid corporate spam-traps), please do so NOW.
Registration Process
When you get to the Meydenbauer Center, go DOWNSTAIRS to Center Hall A and B. This is not where we've been in the past. Do not go upstairs.
Step 1 will be to get your EventBrite ticket scanned. Don't have yours? Sad panda, you'll need to stand in Sad Summiteer line for a manual name lookup. Then...
Step 2, find your badge (organized by last name), and insert it into a badge holder. Then, on to...
Step 3 is T-Shirt pickup. This must be done right then - we won't have this set up later, and leftovers will be donated to a local charity. If you're skipping Monday for some reason, you will not get your shirt. We will have tables set up for each shirt size. Go to the table corresponding to your pre-selected choice in EventBrite, where your name will be checked against a list. You shirt size is also printed on your name badge for your convenience.
This is a good time to double-check your EventBrite shirt size selection. You can change it until March 5th or so (if someone else registered you, they will need to make the change for you as well). You cannot change your mind later because we're ordering the exact quantities indicated in EventBrite. Speakers! We collected your shirt size during the Call for Topics; check with Richard Siddaway on your shirt size, if you need to. Do this RIGHT NOW if you're not certain.
Step 4 is breakfast. Enjoy. And wear your badge at all times, please.
Venue Layout
Monday, we'll be downstairs in Center Hall A and B all day. All day! Tuesday-Thursday, we're back in our traditional space upstairs (rooms 401-409) for all sessions; meals will remain downstairs in Center Hall. During meal times, all escalators will run in the direction of food; about halfway through meal breaks, we'll run them all back int he direction of sessions. If you want to go the opposite direction for some weird reason, take the elevators. Do not run wrong-ways on the escalators.
If you hustle to the schedule website (linked from PowerShellSummit.org), we suggest you bookmark it. Then, get our iPhone or Android app for your phones. If you need a Windows Phone app, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The app is where ALL schedule changes will be reflected. Install it. Examine it. Love it.
If you haven't already been participating in Iron Scripter Prequel on PowerShell.org, jump in. And use the #faction- channels in our Slack team to find the faction whose style fits you best. Locate members of your faction all week, and get to be friends - because you'll need each other for the epic, annual IRON SCRIPTER tournament Thursday afternoon! (And we may have some faction-logo rubber stamps wandering around, if you'd like to indicate your faction loyalty on your name badge!)
Open Spaces / Side Sessions
Tuesday-Thursday, rooms 407 and 408 will be available for ad-hoc "Side Sessions." We do not provide A/V in these rooms, but you can suggest a session anytime you like. Email your suggestions to [email protected]. If you have a time slot request, or a time you don't want your session to be, just mention it. We'll do our best to accommodate, reply to you, and add you to the schedule. We'll announce sessions each morning, so try to schedule at least by the day before.
Session Reviews
THESE ARE IMPORTANT. DO THEM. You can do so right from within our app, or the Sched.com website. Reviews end on Thursday afternoon, so you can't save these up and do them a week later, sorry.
Power Cord Policy
Do not under any circumstances WHATSOEVER drag a power cord across any walkway. Do not leave your electronics leaning against the wall in an attempt to avoid running a cord across the walkway. This is serious, Fire Marshal business. Do not poke the Fire Marshall - his office is literally across the street.
People often use the Slack team to coordinate dinners and more; we recommend getting their mobile app and logging into the DevOps-Summit workspace.
Hug Jason
Hugs are an important part of Jason Helmick's personal economy, and as this is his last year serving as our CFO, please take a moment to thank the big bald goofball for his service.
Spouse / Guest Passes
Please bear in mind that only paid attendees are permitted to any and all Summit activities - this is as much about insurance requirements as it is our costs. We did offer Spouse/Guest passes on the main registration site - those provide access to our Monday and Wednesday evening events only. Please ensure your guest brings their EventBrite ticket (barcode) with them to each event. We cannot accommodate early admission for guests.

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