Summit 2018 registration status

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The speed at which places at Summit are being purchased has been amazing. We’re down to our LAST 25 places.
At present rates I expect those to be gone by this time next week.
If you want a place at Summit 2018 – BUY NOW.
If you know of anyone who wants a place at Summit 2018 – tell them to BUY NOW
Last year we managed to add about 30 places after selling our initial number. We’ll NOT be able to do that this year. We’re getting much better at working out how many places are, and can be, available.
This is the LAST CALL for registrations for Summit 2018.

5 Responses to " Summit 2018 registration status "

  1. NOW down to last 15

  2. Only 10 left – going very fast

  3. Lian Wong says:

    I missed it, hopefully it will work out, i got added to the wait list.

  4. Andrew RIddle says:

    I missed this as well, added to the wait list. :/