A Changing of the Guard

Announcements, PowerShell Summit

This week at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2018, we announced a change in leadership for The DevOps Collective, the nonprofit organization that runs Summit, PowerShell.org, and other programs. 
Stepping in as CEO will be former Director of Online Services Will Anderson (@gamerlivingwill on Twitter). As CEO, Will takes on day to day responsibility for running Summit, managing the website, and keeping our other programs on track. He will be assembling a team, including our new CFO James Petty, to help him with those tasks. Many of our current crew, including Richard Siddaway and Jeff Hicks, will continue their major contributions to Summit and other activities, and Will is already speaking with other community members who will be joining our team for the first time. Jeffrey Bernt will take on additional responsibilities for Summit logistics, backed by our long-time logistics expert Christopher Gannon. This is all part of what has always been our plan to involve more community members in the organization’s operation, and to help to ensure the long term success and survival of all our programs.
I will remain the organization’s President. This enables me to stay on the advise Will and his team, help document how we do things, and focus on the organization’s future. Will’s move to CEO will free up space for me to work on new projects that further the organization’s mission, and to grow the organization to better serve our community. I’ve some fun things in mind that you’ll hopefully get to see someday soon. 
Jason Helmick, our former CFO, is stepping aside. He will still be involved with Summit and remains a close friend and advisor to me, and I thank him deeply for helping not only bring James into the family, but creating such a smooth transition for his role. 
Please join me in congratulating Will and James!

2 Responses to " A Changing of the Guard "

  1. L-Bo says:

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to Summit big or small, it was an informative event and the community is just incredible!

  2. Brian Gagnon says:

    Hey Guys, welcome! Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for the community. I can’t think of a more tightly knit organization of developers and leaders that I would want to be associated with. Keep up the good work!!