Looking for a PowerShell.org Contributor

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We're looking for someone who can publish a regular "What You Missed This Week" blog post on PowerShell.org each Friday (excepting the odd week off for vacations, of course).
This is meant just as a roundup of interesting posts from around the web; we know tons of people are blogging in their own spaces, and we'd like to call attention to some of the more noteworthy ones.
This isn't any more complex than a brief blurb for each:

Don Jones shares the beginnings of PowerShell Summit: How PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit Began
PowerShell.org's OnRamp Scholarship needs your help spreading the word: We Need Your Help.

There's no minimum or maximum each week, although I personally suspect more than a couple of dozen posts will overwhelm people. The idea is to curate what's out there, introduce folks who are getting their blogs going (and encourage them to keep going), and give the community some variety in its PowerShell diet.
If you're interested, drop a line to [email protected] to get hooked up with blogging rights here. As you do so, indicate if you're up for every week (preferred) or every-other (in which case we'll try and find two of you and get you to split even- and odd-numbered weeks). You can also volunteer to be an "aggregator," feeding noteworthy articles to our main round-up-person each week to help them out.
If you've been longing to contribute but haven't thought of a way, this could be a high-impact, low-workload way to jump in and help out!

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