PowerHour: Community Lightning Demos!

One of my favorite events at the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit is the community lightning demos. It's a fun format:
For the audience:

  • Fast paced (max 10 minutes)
  • Many speakers
  • Topic or speaker not what you're looking for? They'll change in a few minutes
  • Demos offer enough material to give you ideas and point out where to learn more
  • Content is more likely to have a high signal-to-noise ratio given the time constraints

For the speakers:

  • No need to come up with a full length session and the content behind it
  • It can be comforting knowing you have a bunch of peers joining you
  • You can get enough info to the audience for them to get excited and want to learn more
  • You get a platform to share something awesome with the PowerShell community

So! This isn't about the summit. We're starting a new thing, PowerHour: An Hour of Community Lightning Demos.


PowerHour will be like a virtual PowerShell User Group, with a lightning demo format, and leeway for other topics not directly related to PowerShell.
This adds some more fun:

  • No need to stand on stage (yet!), with Jeffrey Snover sitting right in front of you
  • Folks reviewing CFPs for the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit will likely see these... You could give a condensed demo of a CFP topic, or just showcase something cool to give us an idea of how you prepare and present
  • More time! We always run short on time at the summit; we'll hold these on a regular basis to give more folks a chance to show something fun!
  • Everything is recorded

So! Where can you go to find out more?

When does it start?

Our first session is scheduled for Tuesday August 21st @ 6:00 PM EST!

We hope you'll join us - feel free to drop by the #powerhour channel in powershell.slack.com!
PS: a huge thanks to Michael Lombardi for his help with the summit community lightning demos, and partnering up to make PowerHour a thing!

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