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PowerShell Core Now Available as a Snap Package

by The PowerShell Team on July 20th
Oh, Snap! Core's support matrix on Linux grows broader with the inclusion of a Snap Package to the line-up. Check out the PS team's blog for details on what this means and how you can try it out.

PowerShell Modules in Azure Functions

by Axel Bøg Andersen on July 22nd
Hit a snag taking your modules to Azure Functions? Eliminate the hassle of using extra tools and learn how to load your modules directly to Azure Functions.

Using Pester for Infrastructure Testing

by Robert Prüst on July 24th.
If you're looking for interesting use-cases for Pester, this one's for you. Robert gives us a look at using the mocking and testing framework to suss out performance issues in his environment. Hint: It's not DNS.

PowerShell ThreadJobs

by Richard Siddaway on July 24th
There's a new cmdlet in PowerShell Core v6.1 preview 4 that allows you to run jobs on separate threads. This allows you to run more jobs simulatenously as ThreadJobs are lighter in resource consumption than standard jobs.

Displaying Toast Notifications for a Different User When PowerShell Module Updates are Available

by Mike Robbins on July 26tth
Learn about a number of useful techniques in this article. Use the BuntToast module to display toast notifications in Windows. Use the BetterCredentials module to read credentials from CredentialManager (rather than prompting or reading from a password file). And use the Find-MrModuleUpdate function from MrToolkit module to determine if any updates are availble for your PowerShell modules.


PowerShell.org Challenge - Unanswered Post

How to Change Retention Period of Each Policy in Azure Recovery Services Vault by Avinash on July 22nd
Avinash's question has been out there for a week and he hasn't gotten any help yet. He's on the right track but needs a little guidance. Please jump in if you can help!

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Post

"Widnows Admin Center (formerly Project Honolulu) Functions on Github" by ufourierswager on July 26th
This author grabbed all the functions from Windows Admin Center and posted them on GitHub for the rest of the community to use. Fork your own copy and get your hands on a nice set of useful functions!



The Ultimate PowerShell Cheat Sheet by @SadProcessor on July 25th
If only every cheat sheet were this simple!


PowerShell Core Community Call by The PowerShell Team on July 19th
Topics include discussion on two preview releases, the compatibility for the Active Directory module in RSAT with PowerShell Core, and the release cadence of PowerShell Core. Link to call notes

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