Help us Run!


We're looking for a few good PowerShellers to help us keep the community on track!

POSITION FILLED Forums Moderator. We're looking for someone who can clear the spam queues daily. In addition, we're looking to move to a model where new site members' first posts are held in moderation to prevent spam; our Moderator would be expected to clear those queues twice each weekday (after their first post is approved, most members will be able to post without moderation from that point). We'd like two Moderators who can back each other up for vacations and such (there's no harm if you're both checking the queues at the same time).
POSITION FILLED Forums Cheerleader. This is a task one of our Moderators can perform, but it's a bit of work so it might be a different person. This person needs to monitor for unanswered forums posts and, after a couple of days, either post an answer or use social media to try and bring someone in to craft an answer. This person doesn't need to be an Expert In All Things, but needs to be willing to try and engage the broader community to try and find an answer. Will also have Moderator permissions to move posts that have been placed in the wrong forum.
POSITION FILLED Social Media Manager. We're looking for someone who can manage the @PshOrg and @PshSummit Twitter accounts, and potentially establish other social media accounts. This includes watching for newsworthy items to post, and posting at the direction of other team members. We do not currently use social media management software; this person can also be responsible for recommending and implementing something.
If you're interested, please contact president@ this domain via email. If you have questions, please post those in a comment here so that we can reply publicly.

One Response to " Help us Run! "

  1. Holy heck, those positions filled fast! Good work, PowerShell Community!