ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 17-August-2018

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include PowerBI cmdlets, auditing group changes, exporting module functions, and PowerShell phishing.


Test-NetConnection vs. Test-Connection - Testing a Network Connection with PowerShell

by Adam Bertram on August 10th
Learn how a single cmdlet, Test-NetConnection cmdlet, can be used in place of common network connection utilities, such as ping, tracert, telnet, and portqry.

Working with PowerShell in Power BI

by Kay Unkroth (Microsoft) on August 13th
A few weeks ago Microsoft released a Power BI PowerShell module for administering Power BI tenants. This article covers the basics of using the new Power BI cmdlets.

Get Group Membership Changes

by Stephanos Constantinou on August 13th
Have a need to monitor group changes in Active Directory? Run this script as a scheduled task to receive an email containing details of whose come and gone from AD groups.

PowerShell Module Exporting Functions in Constrained Language

by Paul Higinbotham (Microsoft) on August 15th
Exporting functions using wildcards in a script module introduces significant performance penalties and carries serious security implications. Understand how PowerShell Constrained Language Mode addresses this problem. Look for a module in PSGallery soon that will help to ensure your modules are in compliance with the guidance in this article.

Phishing - Ask and Ye Shall Receive

by rindertkramer on August 14th
This eye-opening article demonstrates how bad actors can use PowerShell to steal credentials using fake toast notifications. The intent of this article is to raise security awareness; be paranoid when it comes to processes asking for your credentials!


PowerShell.org - Popular Post

Teaching PowerShell Public Group
Get a feel for the new Groups feature on PowerShell.org and particpate in a discusion hashtables versus PSCustomObjects.

PowerShell.org Challenge - Unanswered Post

DSC HTTPS Pull Server - An Error Occurred While Sending the Request by Marc Esteve on August 10th
Marc has been struggling for two weeks on this issue. Please jump in and provide some guidance if you can!

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Post

PowerShell Remoting on Python by jborean93 on August 14th
Jordan Borean has created PyPSRP, a Python library that works with the PowerShell Remoting Protocol to help facilitate better remote management of Windows servers. Wondering what this has to do with PowerShell? Well, he's blogged about what his library does and it also reveals some really cool details about how PowerShell's remoting works under the hood! It's a long read but if you were the kid that took stuff apart just to see how they worked, this is well worth your time.



Show-PSDriveMenu by Tommy Maynard on August 14th
Who doesn't like new tools in the toolbox? Tommy gives us a quick look at a new one called Show-PsDriveMenu. True to the name, it shows you all of your available PsDrives and lets you quickly switch between them. He's got his cool little script available on the PowerShell Gallery, so go check it out.


PowerShell Core Community Call by The PowerShell Team on August 16th
Check out what's coming down the pipe for PowerShell Core, including target date for the next major release for PowerShell Core. Call notes here.
Special thanks to Mark Roloff, Robin Dadswell, and Brett Bunker for contributions!

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