ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 24-August-18

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include script module design, PowerShell exploitation, PowerShell Remoting, PowerShell AST, the O365 Data Retriever tool, and the inaugural PSPowerHour.

Special thanks to Mark Roloff, Brett Bunker, and Robin Dadswell for contributions this week!


PowerShell Script Module Design: Public/Private versus Functions/Internal Folders for Functions

by Mike Robbins on August 17th
Mike provides an interesting take on structuring module directories. Perhaps this type discussion is one better had over beers. I side with Mike on this!

ShowMeCon 2018 - PowerShell Exploitation

Presentation by Michael Gough on August 18th
While not technically a blog, this article links to a presentation that shows how attackers use PowerShell exploits. Presentation is given by Michael Gough who is a host of the "Brakeing Down Incident Response" podcast and author of the Windows PowerShell Logging Cheat Sheet.

PowerShell Remoting

by Stephanos Constantinou on August 21st
Have a look at a few areas of PowerShell Remoting including requirements and some authentication methods that can be used with it.

Finding Default Parameter Values with the AST

by Chris Gardner on August 22nd
Do you want to Pester test your parameters? Do you want to use something other than RegEx when you do that? Well then the PowerShell Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) is your answer.

How and Why I created the O365 Data Retriever Tool

by Veronique Lengelle on August 23rd
If, like us, you've been eagerly awaiting the release of the O365 Data Retriever tool, your wait is over. In this blog, Veronica discusses her motivation for working on it, the journey she took getting to it this point, and encourages us to not assume that others know what we know. Therefore, get out there and share it!
And, yes, there's a link to the tool on GitHub. Go check it out!


PowerShell.org - Popular Post

New Bulk ADUser by Jeff Taylor on August 20th
Jeff came into the forums this week looking for advice with creating new user accounts in bulk from a CSV. What followed was a great discussion about splatting and passing values through the pipeline.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Post

PowerShell Console, Scripts, Functions, Modules, Cmdlets, Oh My! by U/Unas on August 19th
The most upvoted topic of the week belongs to an article by Josh Rickard. Nice work, Josh!



We shipped the Release Candidate (RC) for #PowerShell 6.1 today... by Joey Aiello on August 22nd
The latest Release Candidate for PowerShell Core has arrived and the team would love your input before the next stable release. Head over to GitHub and grab it for some new hotness!


PowerHour 001: 2018-08-21 by PSPowerHour on August 21st
The inagural PSPowerHour, covering topics from SQL through to Raspberry Pi's.

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