ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 31-August-18

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include automating ACLs for O365 public IPs, the Scour module, Module Design w/ Plaster, the ConvertToMarkdown module, and PSPowerHour.

Special thanks to Mark Roloff, Brett Bunker, and Robin Dadswell for weekly contributions.


Automate Office 365 Endpoint ACL Configurations Using PowerShell

by Jan Egil Ring on August 26th

If you're responsible for keeping access control lists up to date for public IPs in Office 365 then read this article to understand how you can automate this process.

Scour: Fast, Personal, Local Content Searches

by Lee Holmes on August 28th

Lee Holmes introduces a new PowerShell module, Scour. This module leverages the indexing and search capabilities of Apache Lucene to bring you supercharged speed for, wait for it... scouring your filesystem. If you've got tons of content to search through and little time to spare, this might be just the tool for you.

your code doesn’t suck

by Chrissy LeMaire on August 28th

This one really resonated with the group. Probably because none of us entertain illusions of writing award-winning code. But Chrissy cuts through the self-criticical nonsense; reminding us that as long as our code is saving people time and effort, it definitely doesn't suck.

PowerShell Script Module Design: Plaster Template for Creating Modules

by Mike Robbins on August 30th

Mike's follow-up article on module design walks you through using Plaster to create modules with a custom folder structure.

PowerShell Execution Policy

by Stephanos Constantinou on August 30th

Check out this nicely-written article that breaks down PowerShell Execution Policy.


PowerShell.org Challenge - Unanswered Post

Post Method by Majd on August 24th

Majd's question on using Invoke-WebRequest has gone unanswered for almost a week. Please jump in and assist if you can!

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Top Post of the Week

Can PS remove Minecraft, CandyCrush and the other packages that are there but not installed? by u/Landmine on August 29th

If you're customizing Windows images for your company then you've surely come acrosss this scenario. Read up on the advice others have given to tacklet this issue.



ConvertFromMarkdown by Doug Finke

Learn how the ConvertFrom-Markdown module can generate chapters from markdown and compile those chapters into HTML, a Word Doc, or a PDF.


PSPowerHour Episode 2 by PSPowerHour

The second installment of lightning demos for PowerHour includes the following topics:

  • Cloning SQL Server databases using PowerShell (Sander Stad),
  • Using getters and setters for classes wtih custom attributes (Ryan Bartram)
  • Using PwSh to gather information from silos (Teresa Clark)
  • Using PowerShell and RegExp to convert code between SQL platforms (Claudio Silva)
  • Getting started with Visual Studio Code (Shawn Melton)
  • Deploying SQL databases using PowerShell (Kirill Kravstov)
  • Learning PowerShell with PSKoans (Joel Sallow)

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