PowerShell Saturday Chattanooga – A Recap

This past weekend the Chattanooga PowerShell User Group hosted 65 attendees from 14 states for our 1st (hopefully annually) PowerShell Saturday. Chattanooga State Community College was an amazing venue for our little conference. When we started out we were only going to do a Saturday event. Then Jeff Hicks said he would do a per-conference for us. Little did we know that 95% of the attendees would by a 2 day pass and attend the per-conference and the Saturday Event.

We started Thursday evening at Scotties on the River a local restaurant in town that just happened to be connected to the hotel were most of the out of town attendees were staying (great seafood by the way). We under estimated the number of people that would be joining us so we had to sit at two different tables and at any other conference this would have been fine. But not a PowerShell event, we took turns rotating among the tables to make sure we could talk to everyone. After dinner we moved to the patio and talked shop until they kicked us out.

Friday was an all-day PowerShell Automation Workshop presented by Jeff Hicks. By the end of the day my head was ready to explode with all the PowerShell Awesomeness I was learning. Saturday was the big day. 15 sessions, 3 rooms 5 hours. At this point everything was going too smoothly that I was ready for something to go terribly wrong. But breakfast was on time, everyone showed up and most of the attendees already knew which sessions they were going to. Next thing I know its lunch time. We did discover that we left to much time for lunch however. The rest of the day went exactly as planned. Nothing went BOOM and everyone had a great weekend of PowerShell.

Thanks to the DevOps Collective PowerShell Saturday Booster Program we were able to avoid most if not all of our roadblocks. The first step of the booster program is to write up a business plan, the Who, What, When, Where, Why. By answering all of these questions up front we had a clear path in front of us. We knew where we wanted to go and thanks to the business plan (with help from Don Jones and Jeff Hicks) we were able to produce an AMAZING conference with some of the BEST presenters that we could ask for.

So the big question still remains, are we going to do it again in 2019? We gave this a lot of thought and decided that in August 2019 we will be presenting ‘PowerShell on the River’ a 2 day Conference brought to you by the Chattanooga PowerShell User group. Exact dates will be announced later as we still have to work to secure a venue.

Thanks again to everyone to helped make this weekend a success.