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Using VSTS for Your Company's Private PowerShell Library

by Justin Rice on July 28th
Interested in sharing your collection of PowerShell tools for your team to use? First-time blogger Justin Rice walks you through publishing a PowerShell module to an internal PSRepository using VSTS.

Creating a Function or Script with PowerShell Dynamic Parameters

By Aaron Guilmette on July 30th
Learn how to create parameters with validation data that you can tab-complete prior to runtime. In this example Aaron uses a set of Skype numbers as potential values for a parameter to his function.

How to Create a File Share PowerShell Repository

by Matt McElreath on July 30th
Consider another method for sharing your PowerShell module. This article provides a simple technique for setting up a PowerShell repository from a file share.

Increased Windows Modules Coverage with PowerShell Core 6.1

by Steve Lee on July 31st
The PowerShell team has a goal to bring 100% parity of the in-box modules to PowerShell Core. Learn about some of the challenges involved and how upcoming versions of Windows will close the gap on feature parity with Windows PowerShell.

Forum Topics

PowerShell.org - Popular Post

Don't Give Up (You Got This)! by Justin King on July 30th
If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all there is to learn, or if you just like motivational speeches, Justin offers some great advice about why it's so valuable to keep pushing your PowerShell knowledge further.

PowerShell.org - New Community Event

PowerHour: Community Lighting Demos by Warren Frame on July 31st
Announcing a new community-driven event for the rapid showcasing of PowerShell-related content! PowerHour will feature multiple speakers presenting in a lightning demo format, which will be streamed on YouTube. If you're interested in presenting but would like to start with something small and focused, or if you'd like to get some quick looks at lots different material, then this is worth keeping an eye on!

Reddit - Most Popular Post

PSWinDocumentation - Documentation for Active Directory by u/MadBoyEvo on July 30th
Przemysław Kłys releases an early version of his PSWinDocumentation module, used for documenting AD and to showcase his other module, PSWriteWord (think of Doug Finke's ImportExcel, but for Word). These are some very cool and exciting tools, so definitely check them out!


PowerShell 104 - Building Modules using PSake

by The St. Louis PowerShell User Group on July 24th
Grab a pot of coffee (or a bottle of rice wine) and catch up on a lengthy yet very informative session on controlling versions of your PowerShell modules. Topics include source code organization, running basic PSake builds, build version control, and Pester tests. Presented by Ken Maglio and Michael Lombardi


I hope to release the first version of my tool this month!

by @veronicageek on August 1st
Catch a sneak peek at this soon-to-be-released PowerShell tool for viewing your O365 tenant data in a clean UI! We can't wait, Veronica!
Special thanks to Mark Roloff for contributions this week.

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