What You Missed This Week in PowerShell! – August 10th, 2018

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include Module Worst Practices, InjectionHunter, and The PowerShell Standard Library.


Module Worst Practices

by Chris L Gardner on August 3rd
Imagine all the mistakes you would come across if you were to analyze every module in the PowerShell Gallery. Chris has done just that! And he presents solutions to some of the most annoying problems he encountered. This insightful article contains numerous useful tips and references to popular community solutions for designing a superb PowerShell module.

PowerShell Injection Hunter: Security Auditing for PowerShell Scripts

by The PowerShell Team on August 3rd
Script injection is the most common form of mistake an administrator can make when exposing PowerShell code to an attacker. Learn how to use InjectionHunter with VS Code to help you discover possible code injection risks as you write your scripts.

PowerShell: How to Create a Standard Library Binary Module

by Kevin Marquette on August 4th
Ever had thoughts of writing a binary cmdlet? Or would you like to understand when it may be useful to do so? Get your toes wet with C# and learn how to produce a binary PowerShell cmdlet that you can include alongside your advanced functions within a PowerShell script module.

PowerShell Standard Library: Build Single Module that Works Across Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core

by James Truher on August 6th
When you're done reading Kevin's post head over to the PowerShell Team's blog and discover how the new DotNet CLI template makes creating binary modules a cinch!

Copy Files with Hash Difference via PowerShell

by Mark Wragg on August 8th
Understand the basics of the Get-FileHash cmdlet and learn how to use the HashCopy module to identify changed files within your project. This is useful for Git-based projects as Git changes the modified date of files as it manages them.


PowerShell.org - Popular Post

PSCustomObject - Cycle Through Hashtable? by Swatto on August 1st
Here's an interesting thread that covers pulling data from the VirusTotal website and creating a report. This is great example on how the PowerShell community can pull you through when you're stuck!

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Post

TIL you can launch powershell from explorer by u/detenshi12 on August 8th
It's always fun to learn little quality-of-life shortcuts and this one is no exception. In predictable Reddit fashion, other users chime in with additional shortcuts and nice-to-knows. Take a look! You'll probably pick up on a cool little trick.



I can't promote it enough. Feel the power of PowerShell. Have fun with it! by Patrick Gruenauer on August 4th
Patrick showcases a CLI menu that handles a number of common Active Directory tasks. This is a great example of how a handful of simple PowerShell concepts, combined with a little vision, is all it takes to make a great tool. Looks clean and easy to use? Check. Nostalgia points? Check. The code is freely available on his blog? You betcha!


Power BI PowerShell and the Admin API by Adam Saxton from Guy in a Cube on August 7th
If you happen to an admin for Power BI users, you'll want to check this out; Adam takes us on a video tour of the Power BI Management module. Use PowerShell to dig into your workspaces, manage access, and grab reports. There are even wrapper functions for the Power BI REST API!
Special thanks to Mark Roloff for contributions this week!

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