Getting Feedback on PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit Proposals

Hi all!
August is over, and we're about a month out from the close of the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit CFP!
We have some seriously awesome sessions coming, but we still need more proposals! I've had a number of questions like what makes a good CFP? and would this topic work?. We're going to try something new to see if we can help with this!

  • Do you want feedback on your proposal? Are you curious to see if your peers are interested in a topic? Join the #conferences channel in and ask away!
  • Do you want to help other folks with their proposals? To help encourage folks and different topics? Join the #conferences channel in and help out!

There are two main ways you might get feedback here:

  • In public. Just post your draft proposal or question, and folks will hopefully help!
  • In private. Ask the channel if anyone is around for a private discussion. Some folks prefer this, no harm!

Just keep in mind - if you go the private route, you might end up missing out on feedback from someone with a different and perhaps more helpful perspective.
A number of summit regulars and speakers have offered to help, keep an eye out for them!

  • @Brandon Lundt
  • @cdhunt
  • @devblackops
  • @michaeltlombardi
  • @glennsarti
  • @gtatelive
  • @jb.lewis
  • @jeremy.murrah
  • @joshcorr
  • @pscookiemonster
  • @rjpleau
  • We'll update this if more folks chime in!

I’d encourage this as your first step in getting feedback on your proposals.  If you have more logistical questions, or really want to get feedback specifically from Missy and me, you can ping content –at- and we’ll try to help out.
Lastly, do consider giving a PSPowerHour lightning demo - this is a low pressure way to show off something fun and useful, and gives the folks evaluating summit proposals some insight into your presentation and prep chops! We'll try to fit these all in before the summit CFP closes.
That's about it! Hope to see some fun ideas and proposal discussions in Slack, and your proposals (and hopefully sessions) at the summit!

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