ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 14-September-18

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include log file notifications, checking uptime, AWS Lamda support for PowerShell Core, organizing code, and episode 3 of PowerHour!

Special thanks to Brett Bunker, Robin Dadswell, and Mark Roloff for weekly contributions.


Get Log File Changes

by Stephanos Constantinou on September 7th
Inspired by a recent post on Reddit, see how Stephanos creates a solution to notify with changes to a log file.

Showing the Uptime of all Windows Servers

by Patrick Gruenauer on September 9th
Check out a simple function that provides the uptime of all your servers in the domain!

Amazon announces AWS Lambda Support for PowerShell Core 6.0

by Melisha Dsouza on September 12th
Exciting news about AWS Lambda PowerShell Core 6.0 Support.

Don Jones on Everything You're Doing Wrong in PowerShell

by Becky Nagel on September 12th
Here's a short Q&A with Don Jones and Redmond Magazine on guidance for being efficient with PowerShell.

Windows Administration with PowerShell #3: Organizing Your Code

by Nicholas Almiron on September 12th
Some small tips and tricks to organization of PowerShell Code


PowerShell.org Challenge - Unanswered Post

ProcessID Using RunspaceID and Logs by Deep Droid on September 10th
There's a challenging question on the forums that needs a response. Topic is related to event logging and runspaces.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Post

Give Your Clients SLAPS by u/Pietovic on September 7th
Check out a scripted approach to a serverless local administrator password solution using Azure Functions, Azure Key Vault, and Microsoft Intune. This solution was published by John Seerdeen on his blog.



If you know PowerShell, you just became more valuable by Jeffrey Snover on September 11th
Jeffey's tweet links to Amazon's announcement to support PowerShell Core with AWS Lamda!


The PowerShell PowerHour_Episode 3 by PSPowerHour on September 13th
The third edition of PowerHour includes lightning demos on troubleshooting basics, managing Docker in Visual Studio Code, customizing a Windows desktop, infrastructure testing, WPFBot3000, advanced BurntToast notifications, and a walkthrough on the PSLogging class.

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