ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 21-September-18

PowerShell for Admins

Topics Azure Pipelines, PowerShell Core 6.1, PowerShell on Arch Linux, and the PSPowerHour.

Special thanks to our PowerShell.org volunteers Mark Roloff, Brett Bunker, and Robin Dadswell.
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Announcing PowerShell Core 6.1

by Joey Aiello on September 13th
The latest major release of PowerShell introduces compatibility with in-box modules for Windows PowerShell v5, performance improvements, and markdown cmdlets. PSCustomObject now has a count property and supports the Where and ForEach methods.

Powershell + Arch Linux = AWESOME!

by Rob Pleau on September 17th
Arch Linux is known as being for geeks that love to tinker (or masochists, depending on who you ask) and now you can tinker with Core on Arch. Rob has put together a great guide on getting the cross-platform PowerShell Core to run on his favorite distribution.

Fun with Select-Object (and ProxyCommand)

by Mathias Jessen on September 19th
Suppose there's a cmdlet that just doesn't quite work the way you need. If only you could tweak the behavior a little... Or a lot. Mathias wrote a great introduction to using .NET's ProxyCommand class to create customized versions of PowerShell cmdlets. This opens the door to some pretty cool and fun possibilities.

Converting a PowerShell Project to use Azure DevOps Pipelines

by Daniel Scott-Raynsford on September 20th
Learn how to hook up your GitHub account to an Azure DevOps organization and use Azure Pipelines for PowerShell Core projects across Windows, Linux, and macOS!

PowerShell: Building Modules with the Azure DevOps Pipeline

by Kevin Marquette on September 20th
Kevin provides a separate take on using Azure DevOps Pipelines to enable continuous integration with GitHub.

PSWinReporting - Monitoring Active Directory Events and Sending it to Email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, SQL

by u/MadBoyEvo on September 17th
The top post on Reddit this week covers an interesting module that notifies you for event changes in Active Directory, such as adding users to Domain Admins. There are options for recording these events in Microsoft Teams and SQL!

Get a Free T-shirt!

by @TylerLeonhardt on September 19th
Submit a pull request to a Microsoft repo in October and get a limited edition t-shirt!

PSPowerHour Episode 4

by PSPowerHour on September 19th
The fourth edition of PSPowerHour includes the following topics:

  • ProxyCommands (Joel Bennett)
  • PSReflect-Functions (Jared Atkinson)
  • VaporShell (Nate Ferrell)
  • Implicit remoting (Stepehn Valdinger)
  • Docker Compose (Fancisco Navarro)
  • VSTS Extensions (Thomas Rayner).

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