ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 7-September-18

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include Azure Stack Infrastructure Backup, SharePoint Online Module Availability in PSGallery, Script for Updating Sysinternals Tools, Understanding While Loops, and the PowerShell Explorer module.

Special thanks to Mark Roloff, Brett Bunker, and Robin Dadswell for weekly contributions.


Configure Azure Stack Automatic Infrastructure Backup With PowerShell

by Charbel Nemnom on September 3rd
For those of you working with Azure Stack, Charbel has released a handy little script that you can use to configure your infrastructue backup settings from PowerShell.

Announcing availability of SharePoint Online Management Shell from PowerShell Gallery

by Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft) on September 3rd
Announcent, installation instructions and FAQ on SPO Management Shell.

Downlaod Newest Sysinternals Tools

by Dave Carroll on September 3rd
Need a quick way to download or update the Sysinternals tools? Dave provides a couple of nicely-written functions that will get the job done!

PowerShell While loops explained for Absolute Beginners

by Dan Franciscus on September 4th
If while loops have ever been a fuzzy area for you, Dan wrote a great article about how they work using slot machines as an analogy.

Managing Files over SFTP with PowerShell

by Adam Bertran on September 5th
Learn how to use a few of the the SFTP commands from the posh-ssh module.


PowerShell.org Challenge - Unanswered Post

Lack or reporting in DSC by Charlie on September 4th
Charlie has a question on the capability of Azure Automation DSC. Can you provide any guidance?

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Post

Help your users help the helpdesk. Introducing Show-Systeminfo. by u/premtech on September 6th
The top post of the week covers a tool that the Help Desk can use to diagnose issues and cature important PC information.



PowerShell Explorer by Adam Driscoll on September 5th
Check out an interesting tool that shows information about the PowerShell environment on your machine!


Creating Dynamic Commands with DatabaseReporter PowerShell Module by Rohn Edwards on September 5th
Rohn's presentation at the Mississippi PowerShell User Group covers a framework that lets you write advanced PowerShell function to interact with databases.

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