Free (beta) eBook:, History of a Community


Now available in "preview" is a new ebook, History of a Community. 
There's still a bit left to write, but this short (under 30 pages at the moment) ebook is designed to share some of what went into the building of, the PowerShell Summit, and so on. The goal is to help those who may become involved with the organization in the future understand some of the decisions that have been made to this point. It's also intended as a collection of "lessons learned" about building and nurturing a technology community in general, for anyone who might be interested. It digs a bit into the organization's path to being a nonprofit, as well.
Grab the book now from I suggest allowing Leanpub to email you when it's updated, as it assuredly will be.
I'd very much like your feedback. Ask questions - what about the organization and its past or future isn't currently covered? What questions does the book leave you with after you read it? What could make it more helpful, or clearer? Feel free to drop comments right here on this post, or use the book's "Email the author(s)" link on Leanpub to send an email.

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