ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 12-October-2018

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include the Switch statement, Chocolatey Fest, Graph API, HTML disk reports, auditing Office 365 document sharing and Teams usage.

Special thanks to Mark Roloff for his creative writing and Robin Dadswell for content curation!

PowerShell Switch

by Stephanos Constantinou on October 8th
There are times when we've got a large number of conditions to check against and having more than a few if statements gets pretty ugly real fast. Enter the switch statement. Stephanos has written a nice rundown of how to use it when evaluating lots of conditions, as well as some of its more advanced features.

My Chocolateyfest (WinOps) Conference Experience

by Dan Franciscus on October 9th
In a more community-meta post, Dan shares his thoughts after attending this year's Chocolatey Fest; that's a conference broadly focused around everything Windows automation. I didn't know much about the event before, but Dan's candid perspective of the experience has convinced me to mark my calendar for hopefully attending next year.

Getting started with Graph API and PowerShell

by Alexander Holmeset on October 10th
We love playing with cool new APIs, and while the Graph API isn't exactly new, to a lot of people it probably is. It can also open the door to a lot of cross-service automation for those of us working in the Azure/O365 world. Alexander has published a great introduction to Graph, how to explore it, and how to get started using it in your PowerShell scripts.

Creating Colorful HTML Disk Reports with PowerShell

by Jeffrey Hicks on October 11th
One of the best ways to expand your scripting knowledge is to read someone else's work. Jeff has offered an opportunity to do that right here. In this post, he found an old script, and decided to dust it off and add some new features to it. The result is a clean and professional looking HTML report.

A quick start guide for powershell I made for work

There doesn't seem to ever be any real shortage of newcomers to PowerShell, so it's no surprise that new beginner material is always popping up. Reddit user /u/tamtt has thrown together a pretty nice guide to getting started, with quick explanations and examples of many foundational concepts.

Tweet of the Week

Stepping back from highlighting just popular media for a moment, we felt that this interaction served as a nice reminder of how accessible help in the community is. One of our team members also got burned by this error in a PowerShell module, but the maintainers were able to point to a quick and easy solution.

Youtube: Getting Stuff Done: Solving Office 365 Problems with PowerShell

This 20-minute session from Ignite covers a number of useful tips around auditing document sharing, Teams usage, and license management. Topics include using the Office 365 audit log to discover who's creating new Office 365 Groups, analyzing document sharing habits, understanding guest user activity, investigating Teams compliance, managing license features, and finding pwned mailboxes.

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