ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 19-October-2018

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include creating PSObjects, a deep dive on arrays, controlling your Raspberry Pi with the IoT module, and more...

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Input Object Subproperty Tip

by Andrew Pla on October 14th
Suppose the output of one function isn't quite in the format needed for the next in a pipeline. You may think of calculated properties with Select-Object but if these are custom functions, you can cut the middle-man out entirely. Andrew developed a simple and clever solution for this by using the param block of receiving function.

PS Core - Numeric Literals

by Joel Francis on October 14th
If you don't know Joel, he's a helpful regular in the community and a PS Core contributor. In his first blog, he discusses PowerShell's somewhat dodgy support for large numeric literals and introduces newly implemented ones to address that shortcoming.

Everything you wanted to know about arrays

by Kevin Marquette on October 15th
Time to jump down the rabbit hole and dive deep into PowerShell's arrays. Building them, using them with operators, the various types, and more. Like his much touted guide to hashtables, Kevin's guide to arrays belongs in your bookmarks folder. Like, now.

4 Ways to Create PowerShell Objects

by Prateek Singh on October 15th
Everyone's got their favorite way to create objects. You probably know a few different ones, too. Today, I learned one I didn't know. Prateek's latest blog shows you 4 ways to create custom objects in PowerShell.

Running Ping tests

by Richard Siddaway on October 16th
In prior posts over the weekend, Richard walked us through gathering some general network info for troubleshooting and using Pester for ping tests. Now, he shows us how to take those prior scripts and wrap them up in a control script to glue all of the functionality together.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Weekly Post

The PowerShell-verse is growing, and perhaps one of the best indicators of this is that it is officially the fourth fastest growing language on GitHub. It's a little crazy to think that a language made for Windows automation would pull off something like that but here we are; cross-platform, open-sourced, making waves. And it's pretty cool.

Tweet of the Week

This is a fun find. @DirectoryRanger pointed us to a PowerShell script written by Mike Loss. The script, Grouper, analyzes the XML from Get-GPOReport to identify security holes in policy settings.

Youtube: ANZPSUG - October 2018

This month's Australia and New Zealand PowerShell User Group featured guest speaker Daniel Silva. In a departure from the typical admin-related use-cases, Daniel gives a great presentation on using PowerShell Core with the Raspberry Pi, including the IoT module.

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