ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 26-October-2018

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include plenty of AST, using the WindowsCompatibility module, Azure Cloud Shell updates, and many more...

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Introducing WindowsCompatibility for PowerShell Core

by Gerbrand van der Weg on October 19th
The WindowsCompatibility module, which is in Release Candidate right now, aims to ease the transition from Windows PowerShell to PowerShell Core by using PSRemoting to allow you to run your Windows PowerShell modules seamlessly through PowerShell Core.

So You Think You Can Parse?

by Mathias Jessen on October 22nd
We love deep dives into little niche problems. You always end up learning interesting nuggets that, even if never used, are just plain cool. Mathias has thrown together a pretty rad demonstration of utilizing PowerShell's parser to interpret a string of mixed data types.

PowerShell Module SysInfo

by Stephanos Constantinou on October 24th
This is a pretty handy little module that wraps around CIM cmdlets, making it easier for you to grab hardware details about your computer. In this post, Stephanos gives us a brief tour of his handiwork.

Office 365 Mailbox Forwarding Rules Report using PowerShell

by June Castillote on October 20th
If you have a need to ever audit email forwarding and redirect rules in your Exchange Online environment, June has got something nice for you. This script will email a report on those rules found to help you get a handle on exactly where people in your organization are forwarding things.

Learn about the PowerShell Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) – Part 3

by Mike Robbins on October 25th
Mike is up to the third part in his series to learn AST. In this one, he focuses on showing us how to recursively query the AST to find a list of all variables used in a function.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Most Popular Weekly Post

Who doesn't enjoy getting a new computer? If you've got a lot of tools and particular configurations, probably you. New hardware is nice but, man, can it be a pain to remember every little thing we need to reinstall. /u/Southpaw018 has a nice solution to this; script it with PowerShell! Check this thread out to see plenty of examples of others' "move-in" scripts.

Tweet of the Week

If you like to log the start and stop times for your scripts, or see how long it takes your intern to fetch a fresh cup of coffee, you may want to use .NET's Stopwatch class. @DarrylvdPeijl discovered this useful tool and shares a quick screenshot demo.

Youtube: PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell GA

Scott Hanselman and Danny Maertens discuss the GA release of Azure Cloud Shell, now running PS Core 6.1 on Linux. New cmdlets, seamless switching between Bash and PowerShell, a teaser for integrated Exchange Online, and more great features.

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