PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2019 – Post-CFP Thoughts

PowerShell for Admins

Now that Warren Frame and I have finally come up for air after reviewing all the submissions for the 2019 PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit, we wanted to send a great big THANK YOU!!! to all who submitted.  You all definitely made our job challenging and we think we have a fabulous lineup for this year’s show!
Many of you have asked for feedback regarding your submissions, and while we would love to send everyone individualized feedback - with the sheer number of submissions, that just isn’t feasible. 
But we did want to share some thoughts that we had while reviewing the submissions and talk about what made a submission stand out to us.  We also wanted to provide some statistics on the submissions, so you know what topics were uber-popular and which weren’t (spoiler: “Release Pipeline” won hands down for most submissions).  Warren has provided a great writeup on how we were able to narrow the field down from 200 to around 60 here:  http://ramblingcookiemonster.github.io/Summit-CFP/
There are still numerous ways to share your ideas and stories at Summit.  Sign up for the lightning demos, or a side session, or share your war stories at your lunch table.  Many good ideas for sessions start as casual conversation or an “I wish I had a way to do ‘X’” … and definitely, submit again for next year!  And don’t forget to register starting November 1st!

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