The New Logo (and eBooks! and Swag!)


If you check out our free eBook, History of a Community, you'll see both the original logo and our second, "Metro-fied" take on it. The first one is probably easy to make sense of, with the PowerShell logo superimposed over the Earth, suggesting a global community. The "Metro" version go a bit abstract, since the Earth became just a simple round circle.
What both logos lacked was a clear commitment to a diverse community of people. Part of the recent re-launch of included our Community Member Directory, with specific rules of inclusion that are designed to emphasize the people in our community, and to highlight their contributions and accomplishments.
With that in mind, today we're launching a new logo for It's designed to clearly communicate "people working together around PowerShell," and it stands as a more unique identifier for this website and the community it supports. We're also launching a page to help people understand how they can contribute to the broader community, using as a platform for their efforts.
In celebration of our new logo, we're offering an exclusive, limited-time selection of cool merchandise. All proceeds benefit our nonprofit programs, and be aware that these items will only be available for a few months. You can visit our Zazzle Store now to start selecting your items. Pay close attention, because many of them offer customization options for style, color, size, and so on. We're aware that a few of the prices are a bit on the higher side, but that's the nature of these one-of-a-kind, print-on-demand items, as we can't financially or logistically bulk-order, warehouse, and fulfill items ourselves. Keep in mind that Zazzle routinely offers significant discount codes, too - watch their site for those. And yes, some of the items are a little silly, but we couldn't resist putting the logo on stuff like Oreo cookies, cake pops, and wrapping paper.
We're also re-branding our library of free eBooks with all-new covers featuring the new logo. If you've not checked them out, this is a great time to download the entire collection (any money you choose to pay supports our nonprofit programs, and you're welcome to pay nothing). If you've already got them, go ahead and re-download these great new covers. Don't forget to let Leanpub notify you via email of updates, as these are "living books," open-source hosted in GitHub, and we do periodically make corrections and updates.
We hope you'll join us in spreading the word, and welcome to the new!

2 Responses to " The New Logo (and eBooks! and Swag!) "

  1. Any change we will see the art from Redbubble come over to Zazzle in terms of Swag

    • Don Jones says:

      No current plans to do so, no. If there’s something specific you’re after, though, drop me an email (donj@) and I’ll see what I can do.