ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 22-November-2018

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include pizza and wildcards, getting involved with the community, a new PowerHour, making your scripts pipeline friendly, and more…

Content assembled between mouthfuls of turkey by Brett Bunker, Robin Dadswell, and Mark Roloff

Adding Pipeline Support to Your Scripts!

by Stephen Valdinger on November 18th
Stephen debuted his PS blog just last week and he’s already racking up some great content. In this post, he lays out what you need to know to get your functions working in a pipeline, a central component in building great tools for the shell.

Controlling Guest access in Office365 with MS Graph and Powershell

by Alex Asplund on November 18th
The job was supposed to be simple; just enable guest access on some groups in O365. Follow Alex on a journey of discovering that the documented method is incorrect, he needs to make his own tools to get the job done, and then finally implements an automated solution on a schedule.

PowerShell – Working with Format-Table in Verbose, Debug, Output Streams

by Przemyslaw Klys on November 18th
There’s a lot of flexibility in PowerShell for displaying information in nice tables or lists, but it all revolves around your standard output. Format-Stream is a fancy little function that Przemyslaw made, which can allow you to easily apply nicer formatting to other data streams, such as Verbose and Debug.

10 Ways Anyone Can Easily Contribute to the PowerShell Community

by Mike Kanakos on November 18th
Have you been bitten by the desire to start contributing to the community? It can be an intimidating step. Thankfully, guys like Mike are here to offer some great ideas for taking that first plunge.

Powershell wildcard in pizza shop???

by Damian Garbus on November 19th
For a while now, Damian has been helping newcomers to PS get acquianted with the basics using concise visual lessons. This week, a demonstration on how to use wildcards.

Reddit /r/PowerShell – Popular Weekly Post

Admins and the like might dominate the population of PowerShell users, but it’s not just for us. Retail, banking, finance, and even a chef are all examples of people chiming in with their experiences in this thread.

Tweet of the Week

Pester’s companion module, Assert, gets a little love with a new update this week. This was the first we’d heard of a function that could easily determine equivalence between two objects, so it’s definitely on our list to check out on Monday.

Youtube: PowerHour 005: 2018-11-20

This month’s PS PowerHour had a round of great demos ranging from using PS Core in AWS Lambda, getting started with ChatOps in MS Teams, and reason why you should consider sharing your experiences with the community.

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