ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 30-November-2018

PowerShell for Admins

Of note this week... Managing credentials in your scripts, PowerShell's constrained language mode, why you should absolutely reinvent the wheel, and more.

Content curated by Brett Bunker, Robin Dadswell, and Mark Roloff

PowerShell Constrained Language mode and the Dot-Source Operator

by Paul Higinbotham on November 26th
Deep dive blogs are some of our favorite things to read and Paul, from the PowerShell team, has a good one for everybody this week. He takes us on a brief exploration of how PowerShell handles dot-sourced scripts when you're using Constrained Language mode.

Learning PowerShell by Reinventing the Wheel

by Dan Franciscus on November 26th
Finding projects to advance your knowledge can be a little rough sometimes. But you don't need to be novel. Dan offers some rock solid advice as to why you should attempt to build things that others already have.

Using Credentials In Production Scripts

by Paul DeArment on November 25th
Securely handling the storage of credentials for a scheduled script to use is something thats frequently asked about. Paul has wrote a couple of functions to help make this easier for people with the additional requirement of hiding the username.

Importing Enriched Data into Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) with PowerShell

by John Miner on November 26th
If your work is more on the SQL-side, or you're just inquisitive, this is a great write-up on using PowerShell to migrate the migration of data up to Azure Data Lake.

Creating Dynamic Sets for ValidateSet

by Joel Sallow on November 29th
Thinking of using a dynamic parameter in your next function? Joel might have an interesting and much simpler alternative for you to look at.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Popular Weekly Post

This week, /u/dolorfox shared a cool little notepad app that they wrote in PowerShell. Say hello to Jottey!

Tweet of the Week

@guyrleech shows off a pretty cool little script that adds a checksum option to your file explorer's right-click context menu.

Youtube: MVPDays - Essential PowerShell for Office 365

Vlad Catrinescu demonstrats some essential PowerShell for anyone working with O365. The icing on this particular cake is that he uses the new AzureAD module, which is replacing the MSOnline module.

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