ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 14-December-2018

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include Advent of Code, talking to Teams with the Graph API, AWS tools in PowerShell, and more...
Content pulled together by Brett Bunker, Robin Dadswell, and Mark Roloff

Speed tweaking Advent of Code Day 8

by HumanEquivalentUnit on December 8th
Advent of Code spoilers ahead! This is a fun walk through the thought process of solving some of these code puzzles. Useful if you're stuck on day 8, and still something to learn here if you're just curious.

How To Quickly Test a SQL Connection with PowerShell

by Adam Bertram on December 10th
Testing connections before trying to run a bunch of code can often save you some time and headaches. Adam shows us how to quickly accomplish this with a short function.

Removing Special Characters From UTF8 Input For Use In Email Addresses or Login Names

by Jos Lieben on December 11th
I've been bitten by these on a few occassions, so don't be me. Jos has a function to help you convert these tricksey characters and even points to a few other solutions.

Post a #MicrosoftTeams channel chat message from #PowerShell using Graph API

by Ståle Hansen on December 12th
Microsoft's Graph API is getting some updates that make it easier to post to Teams using PowerShell. Ståle has a nice guide to help you get started with this new method.

PowerShell Basics: Finding Your Way in the PowerShell Console

by Michael Bender on December 13th
PowerShell's discoverability is truly top-notch. By understanding how to use just two cmdlets, Michael demonstrates how easy it is to get a ton of information out of PowerShell.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Popular Weekly Post

The question of what courses or books are great for learning PowerShell comes up a lot. Fortunately, the community is always ready to throw some excellent resources out there for the curious.

Youtube: Getting Started with the AWS Tools for PowerShell

For you AWS admins, here's a brief video tour to help you get acquianted with the PowerShell module for AWS.

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