Ticket Sales Update for PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2019

PowerShell Summit

Wanted to offer a brief update on ticket sales for those who may not have purchased already - I know a lot of folks have to wait until 2019.

As of right now, we have 118 regular admission tickets left, which is just a smidge over half our original inventory. However, we also have 58 Alumni tickets remaining. Those are the same price, but they come with some extra thank-you amenities, and they're available to any prior Summiteer who uses the promotional code we sent out earlier this year (sorry if you missed it; that's why we encourage use of a personal email address versus a work one - they're less filter-y and they follow you when you change jobs). At the end of January 2019, any leftover Alumni tickets will go into the main "pool," which will help increase availability a bit. So, all told, we have 176 spots open.
We also have 10 spots in our new, entry-level, hands-on OnRamp track led my myself, Jason Helmick, and Jeffery Hicks. Those will not convert to "standard" inventory, as the main event is already scheduled to be at-capacity.
Some frequently asked questions:
Is there a waitlist? There is. Each year, we invariably have a few people who have to bail out at the last minute. If we can fill their space from the waitlist, we'll refund their ticket. The waitlist emails one person at a time and gives them 24 hours to buy a ticket. PLEASE register for the waitlist using an email address you check DAILY. Lots of people miss out because they use a work address, and don't get the notification in time.
Are sessions recorded? Please review our Summiteer's Manual / Survival Guide (linked from powershellsummit.org) for information on recordings. We do not live-stream, and we do not record our Monday general sessions nor the OnRamp track.
What about hotels? Please, once you've registered, book in our official room block at the Marriott or Courtyard, because otherwise we have to pay for unused rooms anyway, which could easily put us out of business. The Summit Brochure provides the registration URLs and, if you need to register through some other means, our group codes. Even if you register through a corporate portal, please simply CALL the hotel and ask that they attach your room to our group. That won't change your rate, and will simply credit us for using the rooms we've contracted for.

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