Welcome, New and Returning @PSHSummit Summiteers!

PowerShell Summit

The following was recently posted in the Slack team for PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2018. Yesterday, we invited all current registered Summiteers into the Slack team; if you missed your invitation, please email summit@ (this website's domain name) with your email address (ideally a personal one, not work) and your Eventbrite order number. We'll be happy to re-send the invite.
Another reminder for all @here - please go to http://leanpub.com/summiteermanual/ and "buy" the book (for $0, of course), and enable the option to have Leanpub notify you via email of updates. That's The Summiteer Manual, and it's our best way to provide a consolidated view of everything that happens at Summit. From understanding how we handle special dietary requests, to understanding what "Iron Scripter" is all about, it's the best way to take advantage of all that goes on. Summit is a **lot** more than just great breakout sessions, but it's very easy to "miss out" on things if you don't know they're available. We update this a lot as we get closer, and will even be including information (and possible discounts) on stuff around the Puget Sound area for early/late arrivals who want to see some sights. A week or two out, it's not even a bad idea to make sure your phone/tablet/laptop has a copy to refer to (Leanpub offers PDF/MOBI/EPUB formats), and some folks even print a copy to bring along.

Especially important: **get the app** (linked from http://powershellsummit.org as well) because that's got the full agenda, including breaking changes, and we can use push notifications to call out important changes on-site.
Finally, **book your hotel** per the instructions in the brochure (again, http://powershellsummit.org), because the sure-fire way to make sure Summit never happens again is to leave us on the financial hook for the 200 rooms at the Marriott and 50 at the Courtyard.
The #summit-events channel is a great place to ask questions and offer answers about the event! This Slack Team is also where @pscookiemonster and @thedevopsdiva usually conduct Lightning Demo signup, and if you've never presented before, Lightning Demos are a *fantastic* way to give it a try. It's just a ~5m demo of something cool you've done with PowerShell, and it's one of the most popular blocks in our agenda. You're guaranteed a round of applause from one of the friendliest and most supportive technology communities in existence.

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