ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 11-January-2019

PowerShell for Admins

Topics include posting to Teams, creating bootable USBs, fun with paths, and a new module for Dyn managed DNS.

Content sifted and sorted by Brett Bunker, Robin Dadswell, Mark Roloff, and several cups of questionably roasted Starbucks K-Cups.

The PowerShell-Docs repo is moving

by Sean Wheeler on January 7th
If you're at all involved in maintaining the official PowerShell documentation, this is a heads up that the repo is being relocated. Take a look at this post from the PS team for details.

Joining Paths in PowerShell

by Brandon Olin on January 7th
Brandon has a great new post covering some of the various ways that we can handle constructing paths in PowerShell, and some of the considerations that we should keep in mind when thinking about the portability of our tools.

How to trigger incoming webhooks in Microsoft Teams with Powershell

by Paolo Frigo on January 8th
"Ya know what? I wish I could have more alerts in my inbox," said no one, ever. If you're using Teams, Paolo has a handy post about how you can send automated alerts to it from PowerShell.

Introducing the PoShDynDnsApi Module

by Dave Carrol on January 7th
Should you find yourself using DNS managed by Dyn, you're in luck. There's a module for that now. Or perhaps you just like digging into the code to see how it all works? It's on GitHub, so that's cool. In addition to introducing his module, Dave also covers a few lessons learned during development.

Create a bootable USB stick with PowerShell (Create-BootableUSBStick)

by Patrick Gruenauer on January 8th
A sometimes overlooked application of PowerShell is that it can handily wrap classic cmdline tools. This handy function will tackle creating your boot sticks with some modern razzmatazz.

PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2019

If you're still on the fence about joining us for Summit this year, now is a good time to sign up. Tickets to this fantastic line-up of speakers are beginning to get scarce.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Popular Weekly Post

On the chance that you're still working with the ISE, /u/omers has a handy tip to help you check your position in a loop without breaking.

Youtube: AZPosh: Make Your Transition from PowerShell ISE to Visual Studio Code Painless

Are you still working in the ISE? Keep hearing about this VS Code thing but just haven't looked at it yet? From the Arizona PowerShell Users Group, Timothy Warner has a great presentation this week to help you make the transition to the new editor of choice for PowerShell.

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