ICYMI: Week of 18-January-2018

PowerShell for Admins

ICYMI: PowerShell Week of 18-January-2019

Topics include SQL Server Errors, Out Verbs, Out-Grid in PS Core, Puzzles, Drawing with PowerShell and more.

Content filtered through by Brett Bunker and Robin Dadswell.

Resolving Microsoft SQL Server Error 4064 with PowerShell

by Mike F Robbins on January 11th
Learn about how to troubleshoot 4064 errors and more using the dbatools module.

How To Use PowerShell's Out Verb

by Brien Posey on January 11th
Your screen doesn't have to be PowerShell's only output device. As Brien shows, the Out verb lets you redirect PowerShell's output in a variety of useful ways.

A PowerShell Core Out-GridView Soltion

by Jerffery Hicks on January 15th
Were you reluctant to use PowerShell Core because there's no Out-Gridview? Allow me to explain how I solved that problem. In PS Core I can now pipe to ogv!

Schrödinger's -ArgumentList

by Mathias R. Jessen on January 16th
An interesting puzzle about when is a $null value a $null value.

Playing Around with System.Drawing in PowerShell

by Joel (Sallow) Francis on January 17th
Some neat features of System.Drawing by the author of PSWordCloud.

Twitter: PowerShell Cheat Sheet

A useful PowerShell cheat sheet for those that are both new to PowerShell and those that just sometimes need a prompt.

Reddit /r/PowerShell - Popular Weekly Post

u/MaDKidGo0DCitY poses an intersting question about how to move many files in a SharePoint site with PowerShell.

Youtube: Monthly Meetup - Jan 16 2019 - Chris Gardner - PowerShell Worst Practices

Building PowerShell Modules? Learn some development best practices and design tips

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