Longtime Writer’s New Home

If you haven’t heard or read it yourself, after spending four and half years writing about PowerShell at tommymaynard.com, I’m going to write here full-time instead.

Although a success, I’m putting behind me the days of having my own active PowerShell website. While I’m not done writing, as I’ve stated before, I’m just done writing there. Each time I think have something, I’ll open a new fresh post here at PowerShell.org and get down those first few thoughts and examples. As I’ve done over the years, I’ll get back to those thoughts, complete them, and then publish them. But from here forward, it won’t happen on my own site, where I’m responsible for WordPress, SSL, web hosting costs, etc. It’ll happen here — where someone else can be in charge of those non-PowerShell, web hosting requirements. Even better, there’s a good chance more people will read my writings, when it posts at the central hub of our community. Look forward to my writings and ramblings, write right here on PowerShell.org in 2019.

So for now, while we wait for me to come up with something to bring to the community, we’ll consider this post a test. One down, and a whole new year to go.

≥ Tommy Maynard (Twitter: @thetommymaynard)

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IT Pro. Passionate for #PowerShell, #AWS (certified x2), & all things automation. I'm not done learning. Author in #PSConfBook. Writes at https://powershell.org.

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