PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit Cancellation and Waitlist Procedure

PowerShell Summit

As Summit nears a record sellout (there are 30 tickets remaining as I write this) I want to review our cancellation and waitlist policies and procedures.
After we formally sell out, Eventbrite will start accepting waitlist entries. Use a personal email address that you check regularly; corporate email systems tend to eat the waitlist notifications as spam. If we're able to offer a spot to the waitlist, it'll happen during the week, usually in the morning (US time), and you'll have 24 hours to respond by purchasing a ticket.
Anyone with a ticket can transfer it to someone else. Whoever did the registration needs to simply return to Eventbrite and edit the attendee information. So if you can't go, but someone else in your company can, that's how you do that. You can also email summit@ for assistance. We let this happen until roughly mid-April, at which point we need to order name badges and we stop all transfers. We don't do anything with hotel rooms; that's all on you.
If you need to cancel, e-mail summit@ with your name, email address, and Eventbrite order number. We will release a ticket to the waitlist. They will have 24 hours to complete the purchase of their ticket. If they don't, we'll release the next waitlist entry, and so on. If someone eventually buys a ticket, we'll refund yours. Again, we don't do anything with hotel rooms.
Sometime in mid-April, all of this stops, as we have to start ordering stuff based on current registrations.

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